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Futon Pacifika

Gary Bradley (a.k.a Futon Pacifika) has been making Futons products since 2001, and offers a full range of High Quality and Hand Made Futon Products. Futon Pacifika specialises in Massage, Yoga and Meditation Futons and Accessories


Being a Registered Thai Therapist, Gary is able to understand your needs as a practitioner, as well as your clients wants as a receiver…

This training in Thai Massage allows for a unique and personal

service that ensures individual applications and specific environment requirements are taken into account.

Various layer options and sizes can be used that will best suit the individual conditions you face, as well as the clients you have. e.g. Single or Double width, Lightweight Travel or Static Comfort.

Designed for Function, Comfort and Style - All products are Hand Manufactured for You… To Order…

Because of our manufacturing philosophy of making to order - we have the flexibility to manufacture any “custom” Futon Products to fulfil your requirements. Whether it’s for Home or Leisure (Bedding, Cushions, Covers etc.), just tell me your needs and I can give you a price…