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Futon Pacifika Manufacture and Supply High Quality Hand Made Futon Products. Designed for Massage, Yoga, Meditation and Exercise Use.

Futon Mats, Washable Covers, Mat Extensions, Cushions, Support Rolls,Sheets, Dribble Covers, Shoulder Bag Kits, Carrying Straps, YogaFutons, and Various Meditation Cushions.

All Products have been developed with personal experience and through consultation with teachers, practitioners, colleges and schools.

These products are designed and manufactured for professional, hobby or home use.

We aim to provide the “Perfect Working Platform for you to Massage, Exercise, or just relax on”.

Everything at Futon Pacifika is Hand Made - To Order. So why not contact us with your own requirements and specifications.

Because our overheads are low - you may be surprised just how cost effective the quote is…

Feel Free to contact me about anything by using the Contact Us menu above.

Gary Bradley – Futon Pacifika